Thursday, March 30, 2006

If you're into push bikes & going as fast as you can on or in one, this may be of interest to you.
I have imported to Australia the moulds for a bicycle fairing, which will fully enclose a rider inside. This fairing is primarily an aerodynamic aid, though it will also improve safety. That's V1.0 of the fairing on the left, with frame, wheels, gears & brakes all attached & inside. The fairing is 3m long, 90cm high, 46cm wide.
A clear head bubble will be added soon, allowing the rider to see out. The original of this bike had NO WINDSCREEN, but had a small camera feeding vision to an internal LCD monitor. We may produce a bike with such a system in the future.
This Blog will give you an overview of the bike & it's development. I hope we'll take it to Nevada, USA in October 2008 & break the world 200m land record which is currently 130kmh! Before then, we are going to attempt 2 additional world records: 24hr (currently 1021km) & 1 hour (84km).
Sponsors & elite riders who are interested should contact me.
Stay tuned as we attempt to make the worlds fastest, most efficient machine.... WHOOPS 160
PS. If you're wondering why Whoops 160... Whoops as in "Whoops, I forgot to tell my wife about this litle project" or "Whoops, where did all my money & time go" or "Whoops, where did that last 200m go!" & 160 - our goal speed in kmh.