Friday, May 19, 2006

A reminder of what I do.... Mostly I sweat a lot.
When I get to 80, and look back on my life, I'm going to realise I spent a disproportioinate amout of time wet: Swimming, sweat from cycling & running, showering because of the former activities. At least I've been moving!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yesterday I fixed up the 2 biggest problems with Whoops.

  1. Calf catching the derailleur as I push forwards
  2. Knee hitting the handlebar as I recover my leg

You can make these things out on the left... There's not too much spare room in there once the cover's on! So, I made a few changes to the mid drive....

The Mid drive is a step up gear arrangement. As it was, the initial drive was geared, and the final drive was single speed. You see, there are 2 chains in there.

So, now, I modified the mid drive & the wheel.

I shifted the multiple gears down to the wheel, along with the derailleur. The mid drive is only 2 cogs now. So now I have a much straighter hip to ankle line & I can push harder.

I'll give you some numbers. Front chainring is 52 teeth, Mid drive is 15 & 32 teeth. Wheel cogs are 28 through 11. In the biggest gear, 1 turn of the pedals rotates the wheel 52/15 x 32/11 = 10.08 times. So, at a pedal speed of 100 revs per minute (fast but not extreme), we'll be sitting on 1607 m/minute, or 96.5kmh. Push up to 120 rpm, and we'll be riding at 115kmh.

I also cut the handlebars a bit narrower, which should prevent the knee banging. I will eventually install a second brake, but not sure where I'll put the lever!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

World Record Attempt
Well, the gods of speed have decided that Whoops is in need of a challenge. SO we have accepted this , and thus, Ben & I are going to have a crack at the elusive Dempsey Macready Prize: Breaking 90km in one hour under only human power!!! The attempt will be made before July 1, as that's when the prize will be awarded.
So, what does this mean to Whoops. Well, it means Whoops will be handed over to a far better rider, yet to be confirmed, as a training bike. Ben will build an all new Whoops. And we will have a most challenging 7 weeks.
Venue is resonably critical, as the rules of the DM require at least on lap to be completed, and the start & finish points need to be within 5km of each other. So, we are on the lookout for a super smooth banked track... Car manufacturers testing tracks seem the most likely. There are 3 of these in Victoria, so these will be assessed soon.
We are in need of some sponsorship, as the new bike will cost a fair bit, plus all the incidentals. Offers? Fabulous!
So news soon about venue & rider & new bike & opportunities, stay tuned.