Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Subframe Lamination...

Tonight Mick & I bonded in the front subframe as well as finishing off the rear with a few more layers of Kevlar tape (which will save us in the event of sniper fire!). Last week we 'glassed in the rear mounts, both on the base & on the sides, with 2 layers of kevlar braided tape. This is amazing stuff. Nominally 50mm wide, you can stretch it down to 25mm, or gather it out to 80mm. No frayed edges. Fab stuff.
We also made sure the alignment was spot on, both side to side & longitudially.
We made sure we can fit a 100 tooth chain ring (so we can run up to 100kmh at 120 RPM at the pedals).
You'll notice the very back is open, but we'll be sealing that now the position of the rear wheel is finalised.