Monday, June 05, 2006

Casey Fields Training Day

Well, so that now y'all know, our rider is Jeff Nielsen. And that's him over there on the left hurtling around a corner. Jeff spent nearly 2 hours in Whoops at Casey Fields on Sunday. Very little wind, cool conditions & little sun all enabled Jeff to have a really productive time. We practised stops & starts to ensure he is confident at those critical times.
We also practised with a camera & video monitor, but of course the sun chose that time to come out! And thus blow up another camera. Any one out there with experience in small rugged video cameras? We need help here, badly.

Have you heard of Casey Fields? A new 2.2km circuit just out of Cranbourne. Completely new surface, traffic free, long sweeping corners, small undulations. A really great training & racing environment. Check out the Bicycle Victoria press release:

Finally, check out Jeff in a long shot... Doesn't Whoops look fab in the distance? Once we get the front wheel cover & bubble affixed, she'll look really schmick.

We're expecting to pull the 2 halves of Sled Edge tomorrow. Then we'll get very stuck into building V2.0

Sleep well.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Whoops 2 - Sled Edge is born

Today Ben, Ken & I spent a day working on the 2 halves of fairing #2, which will be used as the bike for our attempt on the hour record. This fairing is a mixture of carbon, Klegecell foam & S glass. Day one saw us lay the first skin & foam ( in 2 separate processes). We hope to add the 2nd layer of cloth (the sandwich layer) tomorrow, and begin the joining process early next week. On the left you can see the back left section of the fairing with the carbon fibre laid in (at a 45 degre angle to make the curves fill easier).
As this is to be a Trisled bike, Ben has chosen to honour it's creator, Matt Weaver, and has chosen the name Sled Edge. There will be a large number of innovations in this bike. Stay tuned for pics & info soon. We are hoping for the first ride in less than 2 weeks. Here's hoping. Bye for now.