Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tubbing complete !
The last sections of the tubbing have now been laid and this entry is being written with the background din of the vacuum pump from the garage. A photo of the initial layer of CF and foam is below. The carbon is covered by a layer of peel ply, followed by a layer of breather blanket which allows air to flow, and absorbs excess resin. A mylar bag covers everything, and the yellow tacky tape forms the air tight seal. The hose at the top of the frame leads to a vacuum pump, which happily ticks away until the resin goes off.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New members, new builder, news...

Firstly, congratulations to Peter Heal, the current OzHPV treasurer who successfully crossed the continent from Perth to Sydney, without any outside assistance, in a remarkable 11 days & 20 or so hours. A truly amazing performance. He rode a Velokraft VK2. More on his ride soon.

Pete has also made quite a few recumbent bikes, under the Lizard name, over the years. So, he has agreed to help the team by make the from sub frame. We'll supply him with drawings & materials, and he'll TIG weld it all up for us. If you've ever seen a Lizard bike, you'll know why I'm rapt he's going to do some work for us.
And once Whoops is all running, we may just have another rider who's interested in having a crack at the 24hr record. SO, stay tuned for NAMES...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Whoops adds a TICK...

As of Aug 2009, Whoops has gained a full time team member & added his initials to the team. So, welcome Mick Donovan, to the Whoops team. Where did the TICK come from, I hear you ask wordlessly through the ether... TIm & miCK.
Mick & I are going to build one bike between the 2 of us, which halves each of our costs, and ensures we are both work in the same direction. Our goals are:
90kmh for the flying 200m (Mick is much faster than me, so it is HIS goal)
65km in an hour (that's my goal)
There will be 2 events during 2010 for which we will have the bike prepared. I'll advise dates once the venue & dates are confirmed.
We have commenced work on a tub bike, but vac bagging in some 4mm foam & carbon fibre to Micks existing lower shell, so make it rigid enough to negate the need for a full length frame. Pics next week.