Thursday, February 04, 2010

We went a riding

Finally, after several months of intermittent shed time, we managed to drag Whoops out & take her for quite a few laps, most of the time during which it remained upright!
Here is Mick rolling around the velodrome fully faired for the first time. It's a pity you can't see his ear to ear grin! The windscreens were removed, as it was getting late in the day & there was a fair bit of glare which was troublesome... see later photo

Here's Peter Heal Going around. He didn't look comfortable, but he stayed upright & gradually started relaxing, and getting faster. He was a breeze to launch... so steady & balanced.

I crossed the blue line on the track as a result of the glare, and suddenly found myself next to the fence, which was not great. I tried to bounce off it, but just succeeded in putting it down... again. Notice the white skid marks. Notice also that if I had not gone down, I would have neatly ridden into 2 bikes parked on the fence! No damage to me, and a litle graze for Whoops.
So, now that we've ridden Whoops, we will make a few changes &  try her again some time soon.


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