Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rear subframe part 2 & Front Subframe.

So, tonight we bonded in the top supports of the rear subframe, meaning the rear wheel is essentially now in it's final resting place. We ran a string line to make sure it's all nice & straight. And then we wait until it all cures, and then we'll glass in all the supports. We've left the back end open and will bond that back together with a few shaped spacers which will ensure the wheel runs without touching anything. No burst tyres for this dynamic duo!
I've also been doing a little work on the front subframe, results of which you can see here... I've bolted on a 77t chainring, which I made for a different PCD crankset. This is temporary, but gives us an idea how the chainline will run. I think we'll need to shorten the chain somewhat to ensure the derailleur is clear of the floor. I will also make a larger idler, to increase the radius of turn, which reduces friction I'm told. We're using an ergostem, which gives us the ability to move handlebars up, down, forward & backward, as required by each different sized rider. Setup should be less than 2 minutes, once the rider is in the cockpit.

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Pete H said...

Looks good Timbo.
Like to see a bigger pic of sub frame assembled though.